Main Steet Cemetery

Kate Dixon Oldfield

Born: March 11, 1840
Died: September 22, 1865


Alice Kate Oldfield



Kate Dixon Oldfield and daughter Alice Kate Oldfield share this same headstone as they died about one month apart from each other. Her husband Richard, who died two decades later, is buried next to them.

Richard Oldfield came to Downers Grove in 1847. As a young man he farmed and was in the butchering business. It was said he lost an arm when two men were fighting over a gun that accidentally discharged. He also served as a tax collector for the township. After the death of his wife he married Emma Ambrose. They lived in Downers Grove until Richard died of mysterious causes in 1884. An inquest into his passing was held with leading citizens of Downers Grove serving on the jury. His cause of death was ruled to be congestion of the brain.

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